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Making the Mark
Charles Town's Colonel Lumsden talks to Chinese Ambassador Dong Xiaojun about how the Maroons use the machete in warfare, while Barlow Whyte (centre), Maroon drum maker, looks on. - File

Pennicook: 'Colonel Lumsden represented the endeavours we should all strive for'

The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and its agency partners said it is deeply saddened at the death of Colonel Frank Lumsden of the Charles Town Maroons.

"Colonel Lumsden represented the endeavours we should all strive for - the pursuit, preservation and exhibition of Jamaica's cultural heritage," said a statement from Paul Pennicook, director of tourism.

Colonel Lumsden was a visionary and a transformative leader, and under his guidance, Charles Town became a recognised place of history, culture and entertainment, said the statement.

According to the tourism director, the JTB, as the marketing agency of Destination Jamaica, is always happy to showcase Jamaica's rich cultural heritage.

"To this end, we are pleased to include a tour of the Charles Town community on the itineraries of our international industry partners. Through the facilitation of Colonel Lumsden, we have had the pleasure of taking countless international media, travel agents and tour operators to do the tour of the Charles Town Maroon community."

Meeting the maroons

He added: "The participants have always responded with delight at the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with persons who are descendants of the Maroons, champions in our fight for freedom. They always leave the experience empowered and more appreciative of our heritage and indomitable spirit."

Under Colonel Lumsden's guidance, the concept of community tourism flourished in Charles Town, continued Pennicook, noting that the late Colonel included Maroons and other members of the community in ventures that increased the financial and social capital of the Charles Town community.

This and other similar initiatives, he stated, were testament to his selfless persona and inclusive-leadership approach.

"In this time of grief and immense loss, we hope that the Charles Town community will be inspired by Colonel Lumsden's courageous and audacious spirit - the same spirit that propelled his vision, his passion and his very life."

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