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Point of Interest
Taking in the vibe at Calabash Literary Festival.
Taking in the majestic YS Falls.
Taking in the scene along the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour.

Make plans to discover Jamaica one adventure at a time

It is undeniable that Jamaica is the Home of All Right. The magic of Jamaica is all wrapped up in the fact that the island cannot be described by just any one thing - the offerings are too wide and too deep - small enough to be intimate, yet big enough to fulfil all expectations.

The magnetism of Jamaica is attracting people the world over as the vibe, the tasty meals, the "bredrin", and the family atmosphere are second to none. Yet, what continues to be amazing is that locals are equally in awe and continue to enjoy the diverse tourism product.

There is plenty to do and see as more treasures are hidden in every nook and cranny of the island. There are many unexplored adventures, numerous vistas to behold and countless photography-worthy moments to last for many lifetimes.

The invitation is to vacation where you live, and like the over four million visitors who tasted, touched, visited, saw, and felt the unmistakable vibe reverberating, across the island in 2017, you, too, can feel Jamaica's energy through new experiences.

Make a promise to see more, experience more, and fall in love with Jamaica again and again. There need not be a resolution. Just get up and go. The best invitation you will receive is the sound of cascading waterfalls, the chirping of endemic birds in the rushes, the panoramic views from one of the island's countless lofty peaks, the savoury aroma of meals done on the woodfire or in restaurants, and the inviting warmth and friendliness that oozes out of every encounter along the way.

To entice your sense of adventure and curiosity, here are some activities for consideration:

Montego Bay Resort Area - boat ride at the Luminous Lagoon; Greenwood Great House Tour; Burwood Beach

Ocho Rios Resort Area - Lunch at Stush in the Bush; Yaaman Adventure Park - Dune Buggy Ride; Blue Mountain Bike Tour

Portland Resort Area - Boat ride on the Blue Lagoon; Surf at Boston Bay Beach

Kingston Resort Area - Dub Club music experience; Port Royal Walking Tour; Kingston on the Edge Urban Arts Festival

South Coast Resort Area - Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience; YS Falls, Calabash Literary Festival

Negril Resort Area - Lunch at Zimbali Retreat; Jackies on the Beach Spa experience

This is just the beginning. The menu of adventures will take you across the length and breadth of the island. Where age is no limit, the fun is unending and time is not restrictive. Just be present and live in the moment. It is guaranteed that the vibe will be so addictive that as soon as one adventure ends, planning for the next will begin. So pack your bags, pile into the car, hit the road, and begin to live out the irie vibe, here in Jamaica, the Home of All Right. 

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