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Chief commercial officer, MBJ Airports Limited, Sitara Byfield (second right), hands over a cheque valued just over $600,000 to assistant chief commissioner of the Scouts Association of Jamaica, Albert Ferguson. Sharing in the occasion is Andrea Dillon, operations manager, Global Exchange.
MBJ Airports Limited's chief commercial officer, Sitara Byfield (right), presents a cheque valued at $600,000 to CEO of the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, Donville Jones, and his wife, Phyllis. 

MBJ Airports Ltd making a difference

The Scouts Association of Jamaica was one of three recipients of $2.4 million in donations from MBJ Airports Limited, operators of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

The association received $600,000 from monies raised via the airport's Change for Children initiative.

Funded through unsolicited donations of passengers departing the airport, the initiative, MBJ's commercial director, Sitara Byfield, told Hospitality Jamaica was the second disbursement since the units were placed in the airport facility in 2013.

The other recipients were We Care for Cornwall Regional and the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf. 


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